Jen Baker Trombonist•Improviser•Composer

Jen Baker enlivens the spirit in you!

"Jen Baker...plays a variety of musical styles with absolute professionalism." -Aussie Theater


Jen Baker, trombonist/composer focuses on redefining the role of trombone in contemporary music and traditional performance settings. She has accomplished this through composing site specific pieces (Silo Songs, 2016), authoring a trailblazing technique book (Hooked on Multiphonics, 2016), national tours with her works and improvisations, and performing/recording hundreds of new works. Hailed for her "formidable sensitivity” (New York Times), she has “performed with brilliant mastery and virtuosity” (San Francisco Classical Voice) at festivals worldwide.

Artistically, she works in the space between the written and improvised, theatre/movement, and soundscapes. Performer-composer highlights: Silo Songs, evening-length for live performer and quad-speaker playback of multilayered recordings inside a concrete silo, in which multiphonics pieces were recorded in a massive concrete grain silo - a naturally reverberant, cylindrical space, using bassoon reeds, harmonicas, incidental birds, and the silo itself; Blue Dreams, an acclaimed solo album of multiphonic trombone; and the evening-length Universe is Pulling Apart, collaborated with Anne Hege. Commissions include those by The Fourth Wall, loadbang, Asphalt Orchestra, and Wavefield.

Baker has been the featured guest and performer on numerous radio shows in New York City, Chicago, and San Francisco, appeared on Good Morning America, toured with world music popstars, and is on record labels including New World, Innova, New Amsterdam, Cantaloupe, and her own label, Dilapidated Barns. Other collaborations include Asphalt Orchestra (founding member), Dave Malloy, Gelsey Bell, recording for Werner Herzog's "Encounters at the end of the World," Merce Cunningham Dance Company final performance at Park Avenue Armory; grand opening of American Wing at Metropolitan Museum NYC, and Karole Armitage dance company. 

Currently, Jen Baker is fascinated with human consciousness and has incorporated aspects of it in all her recent compositions. Sound healing, a deep love of hers, will continue to be integrated as well. 

The Universe is Pulling Apart, 2018 in collaboration with Anne Hege, with support from the MAMA Residency 2018.

Anne Hege, homemade tape machine, voice, movement

Jen Baker, quad speaker playback from silo field recordings, trombone, voice, movement

Performing self-composed Teleport during Unpack the Elephant, Asphalt Orchestra's evening length theatre music work.

First Nations' Ley, in collaboration with instrument-maker David Samas, Meridian Art Gallery, San Francisco, 2014. Multi-movement work exploring found instruments, skin drum, multiphonics, time, and space.

Performing my Gamelan Piece with trombone and didgeridoo, Son of Lion Gamelan Performing (pictured: Daniel Goode, Skip La Plante).


Aram Shelton, Les Hutchins, Damon Smith, Jen Baker, Oakland art space

Patrick Crossland, Jen Baker, Red Room, Baltimore.

Break time with Fred Frith

With Varispeed, performing Perfect Lives by Robert Ashley.

Asphalt Orchestra at Bang on a Can Marathon, 2014.

Music Garden II (by Chris Jonas), multiscreen video and live performance at Center for Contemporary Arts, Santa Fe, 2012.

TILT: Chris Dimeglio, Jen Baker Chris McIntyre, Chris Jonas.

Fables of Global Warming (Karole Armitage) 2013.

Margaret Lancaster, Corey Dargel, Jen Baker, Armitage Gone! Dance Company.

Drone Piece Apparitions of the Four Pillars (Randy Gibson), 2015, exploring subtle microtonal harmonics of D,

sublime lighting by Kryssy Wright.

Site Specific performance at Madison Square Park with Steve Petronio Dance Company and musicians,

performing alongside the artwork Fata Morgana by Teresita Fernández, 2015.

Jen Baker, Brooklyn, New York | 510-847-1219